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CDL Test Truck
Texas CDL Test Questions & Answers
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The following are the general requirements a person must meet in order to apply for a Commercial Driver License.


The driver must reside in the state of Texas. He must certify that he meets the qualification requirements of 49 CFR, Part 391, which are briefly:

  1. be 21 years of age,
  2. be able to read and speak the English language,
  3. no loss of limb that has not been waived,
  4. no impairment of hand, finger, arm, foot, or leg that interferes with driving,
  5. no diabetes requiring insulin for control,
  6. no heart problems,
  7. no respiratory dysfunction,
  8. no high blood pressure,
  9. no rheumatic, arthritic, orthopedic, muscular, neuromuscular, or vascular problems that would affect vehicle control,
  10. no epilepsy or other condition likely to cause loss of consciousness,
  11. no mental, nervous, organic, or functional disease or psychiatric disorder likely to interfere with vehicle control,
  12. vision 20/40 or better in each eye, not color blind,
  13. have good hearing,
  14. not addicted to drugs, and
  15. not addicted to alcohol.


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  • The driver must reside in the state of Texas.
  • The driver must be at least 18 years of age.
  • English language is not required.
  • Intrastate drivers must meet all of the fitness requirements listed above for interstate drivers
  • A driver who operates a commercial motor vehicle in intrastate commerce, not transporting property requiring a hazardous material placard, and was regularly employed in Texas in intrastate commerce prior to August 28, 1989. (CDL must be restricted to intrastate).
  • School bus drivers employed by a private or parochial school and school bus drivers employed by a company that operates school busses under contract with a school while transporting school children and/or school personnel from home to school and from school to home.
  • Persons operating a vehicle for a government entity. (This includes school bus drivers employed directly by a school district).
  • Persons occasionally transporting personal property not for compensation nor in the furtherance of a commercial enterprise.
  • Persons transportating corpses or sick or injured people.
  • Private transportation of passengers.
  • Intracity zone drivers with limited exception who possess a DOT medical examiner's certificate restricted to intracity operation. (Medical certificate must be presented to a DPS employee at the time of application).
  • The transportation of farm machinery, supplies, or both, to or from a farm for custom-harvesting operations on a farm or the transporting of custom-harvested operations to storage or market.
  • Drivers operating motor vehicles controlled and operated by a beekeeper engaged in the seasonal transportation of bees.
  • The operation of a vehicle in intrastate operations used in oil or water well servicing or oil or water well drilling and which is constructed as a machine, consisting, in general, of a mast, an engine for power, a draw works, and a chassis permanently constructed or assembled for such purpose. (CDL must be restricted to intrastate).
  • The operation of a mobile crane that is an unladen selfpropelled vehicle constructed as a machine 
    used to raise, shift, or lower weights. (CDL must be restricted to intrastate).

Study the following sections in the Texas CDL Handbook:

  • General Knowledge -- Sections 1-3
  • Air Brakes -- Section 5
  • Combination Vehicles -- Section 6
  • Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection -- Section 11
  • Special Requirements -- Section 14
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